Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Changing Role of Women In Society Today Essay

The Changing Role of Women In Society Today - Essay Example The days when the woman stayed at home and depended on their husbands for household and family responsibilities are being replaced by the scenario where the modern woman has become an equal if not a better contributor in these and other roles that were deemed to belong to men in the past. The advance of education has made women become enlightened and visionary, thus discovering their potential and importance in society. Education has revolutionized women from the notion of only being involved in domestic chores to join their male counterparts in becoming doctors, engineers, Presidents and Prime ministers, mathematicians, economists, teachers, winners of educational and other awards among many other fields. Roles that were branded as only being suited for males like serving in the army, the building industry, the space program and others are seeing the inclusion of women who are handling them with a lot of capability. The past saw women who pursued a career or an education as strange or whose ability to raise up children was hampered, or it was assumed that her husband was not able to provide adequately for his household. This has changed dramatically as women have taken opportunities available to them. Today’s woman has become powerful, independent, competitive , strong and respected in society, and their contribution in society has been immense (Colombo, Cullen, and Lisle, 521). The running of households which was under the control of the husband is now a shared responsibility because the wife’s new status enables her to make a contribution both intelligently and financially, improving the running of the home in this regard. Each of the partners is able to positively impact on raising up children in an enlightened environment, guiding them in their career paths in a world where knowledge is increasingly becoming power.

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