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Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle Old Age Health And Social Care Essay

IntroductionUnder the fast gait of societal life and the deterioration of life environment, people are enduring from semi-health and disease such as high blood force per unit area and cholesterin. The inordinate usage of medical specialty and medical intervention is a facile solution, which can non bring around the cardinal job. Keeping a healthy life style into old age, nevertheless, is a cardinal solution. This essay is aimed to sketch and measure grounds that people can keep a healthy life style into old age. The essay foremost analyzes the unhealthy life style to bespeak importance of a healthy life style ; the essay will further sketch the benefits of keeping a healthy life style into old age.Problem in life styleBy keeping a healthy life style, people are able to minimise their emphasis and execute expeditiously in their work every bit good as prevent a batch of diseases in every phase of life. Macqueen ( 1998 ) suggest that a healthy life style should includes following elements: A nutritionally balanced diet, sufficient relaxation and slumber, regular exercising, merely a moderate consumption of intoxicant, minimum usage of non-prescription drugs including coffin nails, emotion support and societal contact minimisation of emphasis. However, a figure of people still can non see the importance of keeping a healthy life style into old age. BBC News has reported a crisp addition in the â€Å" lifestyle malignant neoplastic disease † , for illustration tegument and liver malignant neoplastic disease in Scotland. Harmonizing to the statistics, the rates of malignant melanoma have increased by 68 % in work forces and 71 % in adult females with a rise of 51 % of liver malignant neoplastic disease in males from 1998 to 2008. As suggested by Health Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon, it was strong apparent that â€Å" lifestyle pick † would do rises in malignant neoplastic disease. ( BBC, 2010 ) Harmonizing to the UK National Statistics on life style and behaviour, there are a high prevalence of unhealthy life styles such as smoke, imbibing and fleshiness. It shows that 24 % of grownups ( aged 16 or supra ) in England were classified as obese in 2006, which is a 9 % of addition from 1993, with 3 % of adult females and 1 % of work forces were likely to endure from morbidly fleshiness ( NHS, 2008b ) . Similarly, 28 % of grownups aged 16 and above are reported smoke in 2008 in England. This figure is the same as that in 2007 ( NHS, 2010 ) . It is suggested there are close linkage between Smoking and dirking and bosom disease. Different from smoke, which are considered as no possible wellness benefits to people, moderate imbibing is regarded as aid to protect people ‘ bosom ( Westcott, 2010 ) . However, statistics besides shows that 40 % of males and 33 % of females had rummy more than the day-to-day recommended figure of unite on at least one twenty-four hours in the hebd omad prior to interview. 23 % of work forces and 15 % of adult females had rummy more than twice the recommended day-to-day consumption. ( NHS, 2008a )Benefits of keeping a healthy life styleThe development of modern medical scientific discipline makes people more cognizant of their organic structures. The benefits of a healthy life style are going progressively evident, which is good to people of all ages, weights or societal position. There are several benefits for people to keep a healthy life style into old age. By keeping a healthy life style into old age, people are able to achieve good wellness and cut down the hazards of unwellness and hurts. Frequent exercisings can better their staying power, strength and flexibleness. A balanced and varied diet can supply people with needful foods and energy without acquiring weights. Besides, regular exercising and balanced diet are able to cut down blood force per unit area, lose weight and lower the hazard of diabetes development and bosom disease. A healthy life style can supply many benefits that medical specialty can non. It is able to ease the consequence of medical intervention. Harmonizing to the survey of Kelley, et. Al. ( 2005 ) , aerophilic exercising and opposition preparation can efficaciously take down LDL-C of patients. Furthermore, this decrease will is enhanced by weight loss and diet, but mitigated by weight addition ( Kelley, et. Al. 2005 ) . By keeping a healthy life style into old age, people are able to populate a longer life. As people get aged, the physical conditions are going weaker and weaker. However, though a healthy life style, they are able to beef up their physical status. It helps people live a longer life. As stated above, a healthy life style helps people maintain good wellness. In other words, people are able to cut down their disbursal on wellness attention and physician visit. By keeping a healthy life style into old age, people may hold better control of their life. Peoples maintain a better organic structure status and physical map, which helps them work better in their calling and live a better life. For illustration, insomnia is a job that bothers a batch of workers. By keeping a healthy life style, people are able to bit by bit better their sleep form. With adequate remainder and slumber, they feel energetic in the daylight and execute better in their calling. With a better physical visual aspect ( for illustration, slimmer ) , they look better and experience better about themselves, which enhance their self-image and self-pride.DecisionGood wellness is non a trade good that one can buy from a infirmary or a drug shop. However, it can be obtained though keeping a healthy life style for a life-time. Keeping a healthy life style into old age does non intend one have to be trained like a professional jock. Nor, it is something can be done nightlong. The secret lies in doggedness. If one support reiterating the healthy life style he has chosen, he will bask the benefit Oklahoman or subsequently.

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