Friday, November 1, 2019

Organization Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Organization Theory - Essay Example Therefore the role of the leader is to find a compromise between all of his employees to perform the organization objectives. "The resource base view of the firm infers that firms create competitive advantage by implementing unique combinations of resources and business practices that are difficult (or impossible) for competitors to imitate" from this viewpoint, Human resource practices are key components of overall firm strategy. In fact, the success of some well-known firms has been attributed to their HR practices as a competitive advantage (e.g. Southwest Airlines and SAS" (Porter 1990). This paper addresses three important themes addressed in three chapters in the course focusing on Tesco as the case study institution. In the first part of the paper, an overview of the institution under analysis is presented. Part two of the paper presents the strength weaknesses opportunities and threats of TESCO. The part of the paper, evaluate the motivational strategies of Tesco, in relation to chapter ten of the study. Part four focuses on corporate social responsibilities of Tesco, while the last section focuses on Tesco decision making. Founded by Jack Cohen in 1919, Tesco Plc has come a long way and has established itself as the largest super store in Europe. At the turn of the century, Tesco became very proactive in coming up to the requirements of the new ear and was launched, followed by aggressive entry into international markets like Malaysia, Japan & Turkey, China & the US. Today, the international operations of Tesco yield more profit as compared to the profits in the Europe market. More than half of Tesco's selling space is in markets outside Europe. The Tesco Plc website states "shareholders. Today the Group operates in 12 markets outside the UK, in Europe, Asia and North America. Over 160,000 employees work in our international businesses, serving over 28 million customers and generating 13.8 billion sales and over 700 million profit." Tesco denotes its success to an aggressive global strategy of geographic diversification. In its attempt to renew the brand and keep it in sync with changing customer tastes and keeping up the growth figures in future, Tesco follows various strategies including international diversification, providing value to customers, product diversification, innovation, and umbrella branding 1.2 SWOT Analysis of Tesco 1.2.1 Strengths Premium location, centre of primary target market catchments. High exposure to foot and vehicular traffic. Better value in the form of lower prices Fresher Merchandise Unique service offering to this market and highly recognized in UK. High level of qualified resources and their professional capabilities to

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