Thursday, November 14, 2019

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Sanjiv Prabhunandan English 10 H/3rd Period Democracy vs. Absolutist Rule The esteemed neurologist Sigmond Freud once said that â€Å"civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a stone†. Though these words ring true, they are often interpreted differently by those in power, and it is they who ultimately shape what kind of society will take shape during the times of formation. In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Ralph and Jack’s contrasting personalities are displayed in their leadership styles. Ralph, the more passive and reasonable of the two, adopts a democratic style of leadership while the latter adopts a more ruthless and absolutist one. While the democratic rule is more sensible and fair approach to take, the lack of any authority brings out the savage nature of the boys and Jack’s monarchy becomes not only the favored leadership style of the group but also the most effective. The crux of democratic thinking is the idea that everybody’s thoughts are equally valued and that everybody has an equal responsibility for the actions that take place. This is a concept that was developed by the greatest thinking minds of the day and was promoted by Classical philosophers and thinkers who dreamed of a utopian society of equality and freedom for all. In fact, Pericles writes that â€Å"we are called a democracy, for the administration of justice is in the hands of many and not of the few†. But power comes with responsibility, and for a democracy to be successful, the concept has to be wholeheartedly accepted by its citizens. And often times, that means that citizens have to give up some of their individual in order to reap the benefit that â€Å"The Fascist Decalogue† states that â€Å"the nation serves even as a senti... ...or worse, Jack followed the same steps that great absolutist leaders (Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis XIV, Joseph Stalin) in history have used: he swayed public opinion to his side, deposed of the current leadership, and used propaganda and other methods to make the public think that he is a god-like presence. The fact that all this happens naturally instead of it being forced like Ralph proves that the absolutist form of ruling is the best option for the island. In a perfect world, giving the greatest power to the common man makes the most sense, but often times, situations arise where one person must take control and declare himself leader. Discerning which type of government is best for certain an environment is up for the people to decide. Though force and oppression can temporarily suppress the voice of the people, ultimately they get to choose who stays and goes.

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