Friday, September 13, 2019

Violence in Mass Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Violence in Mass Media - Essay Example Currently, the media has become a central element of the social environment. Through the television, radio, movies, video games and the internet, a significant number of the population, particularly children are exposed to high levels of violent content. Resultantly, the frequent consumption of violent content facilitates imitative learning thus leading to increase in aggressive and violent behavior in children. The prevalent in real-world aggression and violent acts creates a need to effectively mitigate the violent content by the media so as to ensure societal well-being. An ideal intervention strategy in mitigating media violence is parental/adult intervention. Parents can play a detrimental role in restricting children’s access to media violence. The violent media content can be substituted with non-violent media content so as to promote behavioral change thus reducing the violent culture (Humphrey & Palmer 45). Parents can also play a key role in promoting media literacy. Parents/adults can educate the youth regarding the effects of violence and the mechanisms used by the media to portray violence as acceptable, useful and detached from negative consequences (Humphrey & Palmer 44). Ideally, the parents can educate the youths on the impact of too much media violence and the difference between reality and fantasy. Considering the detrimental role played by parents in child development, parental intervention is an ideal way of mitigating the impacts of media violence in the society.

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