Thursday, September 26, 2019

Aerobic Respiration of germinating and non-germinating peas Lab Report

Aerobic Respiration of germinating and non-germinating peas - Lab Report Example It entailed the use of 25 germinating seeds and 25 non-germinating seeds of peas. The non-germinating seeds were used as a control experiment in the study. Its aim was to prove that respiration is a major process in the germination of seeds with CO2 as its byproduct. 25 germinating peas were obtained and dried between two pieces of paper towel. A thermometer was used to measure room temperature which was recorded in table1. The germinating peas were placed in the respiration chamber and a shaft of CO2 gas sensor placed in the opening of the chamber. After one minute carbon dioxide concentration was measured continuously for 5 minutes and results recorded. After 5 minutes, the CO2 gas sensor was removed and the peas placed in a 100 ml beaker full of cold water and an ice cube. Air was then channeled into the CO2 gas sensor for one minute through the probe shaft openings. The respiration chamber was then filled with water then emptied and dried thoroughly on the inside with a paper towel. The rate of respiration was then determined by moving the mouse pointer to the point where data values began to increase. The mouse pointer was then drugged with the left mouse button held down to the end of the data then released. The linear fit button was then clicked to perform a linear regression. The slope of the line was then recorded in table 2as m which is the rate of respiration for germinating peas at room temperature. The data was then moved to a stored run by choosing the store latest run from the experiment menu. There after 25 non-germinating peas were obtained and placed in the respiration chamber and the procedure repeated for the non-germinating peas. From the beginning before one minute elapsed immediately germinating peas placed in the respiration chamber and CO2 sensor placed, it was noted that the concentration of CO2 began to increase in smaller margin. After the one count, Co2 concentration

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