Sunday, September 22, 2019

12 month Integrated Marketing Communication campaign for Nike Coursework

12 month Integrated Marketing Communication campaign for Nike - Coursework Example The business will sell Nike brand of products that it produces to ideal customers cover all classes of people (Joseph, Gregory and Thomas, 2011). The products stand unique in the market because of the affordable prices that they will be charged. The owners of the business are professionals in the industry; this was to ensure that their skills can as well be combined in the production exercise. The business has future projects of expanding its operations to the foreign markets and thereby expands the markets of the business to enable the business increase the sales to greater heights and then maximize on the profits. The marketing communication campaign is very much effective in the attracting and drawing of customers to the business, creating a good image of the business and therefore retaining the loyal customers whose loyalty had been won by the business. It is also important to highlight that this campaign is very much aware of the size of the market segment that is within the capture as well as the market segment it intends to sell Nike product to. The market knowledge is very crucial as a mistake made in the location of the target market is almost to near impossible in correcting (Terence and Craig, 2012). This paper delves in the discussion of Integrated Marketing Campaign, (IMC). This can be defined as the measure that the various firms use in attempt to achieve and reach the set targets, missions, goals and objectives that were put in place during the initial stages of planning. In this approach, it is therefore important to highlight that the techniques that will be used by the firms and business institutions are complementary in nature. This is because each method kind of gives another support in one way or the other and they can be used I place of the other as well since they are all geared towards one target. In this

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