Friday, September 27, 2019

MOVIE REFLECTIONS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

MOVIE REFLECTIONS - Essay Example Rochel on the other hand gets tired of her family pushing her to their tradition and moves out of their house only to see how the liberated women dance and sleep around with men they do not even know well. She returns to her family and continues with the matchmaking, unknowing that her Muslim friend helped slip her dream man’s resume to her aunt who was in charge of the finding her a husband. Consequently, the two women get married and they bear their own children. Their friendship continues and they still find time to fellowship with each other. The Muslim and Jewish traditions were strict in arranged marriages. Both parties did not have the right to choose the person they are going to marry because they have to honor their parents who worked hard to find the best partners for them while they were still young. However, in the film, some modifications were made in order to adapt to the modernization of cultures. When Nasira told his parents that she did not like the man who went to ask her hand in marriage, they tried to understand her and consider her feelings and choice. They waited for the right man to come along. Similarly in the Jewish tradition, marriages are arranged even while the parties are still unable to understand the concept of marriage so that when they meet for the engagement; that would most probably be the first time they are going to see each other. Before, they would not be able to say no to their parents because they do not like to shame their families. However, as portrayed in the film, the Jews have adjusted to the modern concept of freedom to choose. Matchmakers find probable prospects for the woman who is to be married and the family gives their blessings for a date until the woman is able to find the right man to marry. The strong Jewish family bond is used to manipulate an uncooperative daughter like Rochel. Her mother threatened her with her father’s health conditions

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