Friday, October 4, 2019

Thomson air Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Thomson air - Essay Example In addition, two core competitors of Thomson recorded a 17 percent figure of passengers that travelled within Europe. Currently, Thomson administers charges for all the bags that their security team checks. This charge applies for bags that weigh not more than 23 kilograms. Besides, Thomson services possess convenient services such as onboard drink and food menu. It services entail online shopping and eatery. These are coupled with complimentary blankets and pillows for extra comfort in the seats. Additionally, Thomson services entail provision of chocolate and champagne programs. In terms of planes, the airline employs wide body fleet planes. Their flights involve the use of long-haul schedules to limited destinations. The flights extend up to west of Faro and east of Athens. The company possesses plans to move away from this low market share. To begin with, it possesses a plan to eliminate the charge of the first bag as long as it weighs less than twenty three kilograms. This will accord the airline an edge over its competitors since the rivals, Easyjet and Ryanair, charge a fee above the current rate of Thomson. In addition, the company seeks to attract a larger customer base by using e-ticket advertising and airport printed tickets. This will require the use of software engineers in integrating the system with other operations of Thomson. Furthermore, the company has a strategy of expanding its customer base by opening up more destinations. This strategy will be directed towards popular destinations in France, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. The product concept rides on the idea that consumers would profess a preference towards quality products. In this perspective, it would be vital to examine how Thomson Company will try to manipulate the quality of its products. The company has made strategies to cut down on its value addition services such as

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