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Ayuba Suleiman Diallo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ayuba Suleiman Diallo - Essay Example ebruary 1730, upon hearing that there was a ship docked at the Gambia River, Ayuba’s father sent him to sell two slaves to the captain of the ship, he was also to buy paper and other necessities.2 During the trade, Ayuba could agree on a price with the captain of the ship, Captain Pike. He instead decided to cross the river to the country of Mandingoes who were the enemy of the people of Futa and sold the slaves to another African trader who bought them for two cows.3 On his return home, a group of Mandingoes raider captured and enslaved him. The raiders shaved Ayuba’s head, a sign of indignity, so as to appear like the other slaves.4 After all this, they went ahead and sold him as a slave to the whites. Ironically, the buyer was Captain Pike, the same buyer that he had tried to negotiate a price with for the two slaves he had earlier been sent to sell by his father. After some period of trading at river Gambia, Captain Pike’s ship sailed, and in it was Ayuba Suleiman Diallo. According to Bluett’s memoir, the ship was heading to Maryland, a British colony on the North America. On board the ship, Ayuba found means to talk to the captain, he told him that he was the same man whom they had tried to negotiate a price for the two slaves some days back.5 Captain Pike, gave Ayuba a chance to send a message to his father explaining the situation and asking for help. This message could not reach his father before it was too late for they were close to docking at Maryland. Upon arrival, Ayuba and the other slaves were delivered to their new owner, Mr. Rachel Denton. During the journey to London, Ayuba was very devoted and consistent in prayers.6 He also learnt English. Upon arrival in England, he was offered a place to stay by Captain Hunt, who was his host. At this period, they had parted with Mr. Bluett, but when he, Ayuba, heard a rumor that Mr. Hunt was planning to sell him contacted Mr. Bluett and told him of the rumor. Mr. Bluett offered him refuge in

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