Friday, October 18, 2019

Research Proposal Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Proposal - Research Paper Example The feasibility includes exploring options of locating the payday loan service in a convenience store that is accessible. The room will have a counter for disbursing funds and maintaining records. Research will include state and local requirements for establishing payday loan service as a sole proprietorship, competitors’ analysis for internal assessment for crafting payday loan service strategies, and a market analysis to study the lending rates and charges in relation to pay loan services in Kansas State. Introduction The writer is the owner/manager of Quick Stop & Go convenience store without gas services. The writer intends to add an additional service as Payday Loan using an extra space available in the store that is a single store not chain store. Above information clearly describes the purpose of accessing payday loan. Yet, there is a need to analyze in which terms payday loan will be helpful for the store as compared to other types of loans and to which extent it will be productive in increasing the profitability of store by efficiently utilizing idle assets of the store. As payday loans have become more popular in recent years. The important feature of the payday loan is that it is readily and easily accessible. Payday loans have many benefits as compared to the other loans. For payday loan, only proof of employment, bank account and income is required and paper work requirements are also very limited. Terms and conditions of payday loans are also fixed like other loans but the borrower can get flexibility according to its need. So, profitability can be increased by using loan according to current situations. Research questions 1. Who are the users of payday loans? 2. Do the payday loans solve their financial problems? 3. What is the eligibility for obtaining a payday loan? 4. Who are the competitors in the market? Purpose statement To promote access to diverse, healthy and comprehensive financial services for households in Kansas. This will be through offering cost-effective loan rates and innovative methods of loan applications for customer convenience. Literature Review What is a payday loan? Payday lending business will provide short terms loans for a maximum period of two weeks, to households who are in need of money or individuals that do not opt for other sources of credit.Caskey and John (2012), define a payday loan service as a loan gotten from a business that is not a bank. These businesses operate under different titles and take postdated checks as collateral. Hodson (2009) describes a payday loan as a short term borrowing where the borrower borrows money at a high interest rate. The borrower writes a postdated personal cheque in the month they wish to borrow including a fee in exchange for cash. The borrower does hold onto the cheques and cashes it on the agreed upon date. How pay day works The borrower visits a lending store and secures cash, which is due in full at the borrower’s next pay day. The borr ower then writes a post dated cheque with the full amount including the fees. Upon maturity of the check, the borrower returns the loan and if he fails to, the lender redeems the cheque.The borrower incurs a bounced cheque fee from his bank plus the cost of

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