Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Cost-Benefit of Well Employees Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Cost-Benefit of Well Employees - Essay Example Indeed, the recommendations are pertinent and plausible although some are quite difficult to get implemented. It is essential for strategic planners of a business enterprise to reduce its long run health care costs and per employee expenditures by ensuring hygienic, safe, nutritious and secure food stuff at canteens and organization’s cafeterias. Although, the short-run costs would be high since employers have to make huge investments and to subsidize these products to make them affordable for employees. Yet, it is worthwhile to mention that it would reduce total organizational health budgets and number of disease affected employees while simultaneously result in higher productivity and efficiency. However, workers suffering from inherited, sexually transmitted or other diseases (including Aids, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Brain Tumor, Kidney problem, diabetes etc) are excluded from this list as they need cure / medical treatment on regular basis. Firms can take a mandatory comprehensive medical test to prevent their entrance. The second recommendation would be quite useful as i t would help creating a safe and healthy working environment that would be beneficial for all employees. Quite unequivocally, addiction to detrimental smoking habit is attributable to aggressive persuasive advertising by Tobacco companies, which are inclined to reap benefits at the expense of others. It is impossible for addicts or occasional smokers (who are also workers) to completely get rid of Smoking. Similarly, companies may also not influence their employees to give up smoking even after conducting inter-organizational campaigns, personality development, training and health hazards programs. Hence, at least they could force workers to kick the habit outside the workplaces, thereby also hampering non0smokers from getting interested in Smoking. Without any doubt, Health is Wealth. A healthy, physically

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