Saturday, August 10, 2019

Decisions in Paradise, Part III Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Decisions in Paradise, Part III - Essay Example The creation of a strong brand is vital because it facilitates the market penetration. The coffee market in Kava Island is becoming congested with new entrants. For Starbucks, to be able to increase its market share, it must be able to develop a brand image and presence. Brand image improves brand loyalty and thus improve the penetration of the product and services. Loyalty in brands can be achieved by maintaining quality and improving communication and marketing strategy. The marketing strategy of the company must improve brand awareness through advertising and social media. Social media platforms offer added value to the marketing campaign by encouraging feedback collection and participation of the consumer in product development. The success of Starbucks in Kava Island will depend on the ability to handle issues of human resource, product and service quality. Service and product quality can be addressed by the production process as such and the production process must accept the c hanges in technology and continuously improvement. In response to competition, Starbucks must work on cost cutting measures in order to reduce product price to increase product competitiveness. In reducing production cost, the restaurant will increase the penetration of its product in the market. ... Currently, social media usage must be employed to meet the younger generation. Marketing of products using online tools has increased sales volume because the clients employ online purchase of items (Beverly & Thomson, 2011). Apart from employing the online tools, social media have a massive impact on the success of the country both in business and politics. The Arab revolution is a product of social media usage in the airing of the grievances of the citizens. Facebook is the leading social media platform with massive subscribers and increased success in terms of usage. Facebook as a social media tool enjoys massive support from the youths who have employed it in communication and information transfer. Companies use social media marketing strategy to improve brand image and resonance (Beverly & Thomson, 2011, p. 123). Marketing involves the employment of all the necessary platforms of promotion and advertising with the SNSs offering a better platform for communication. Social media p latforms offer the opportunity for collection of feedback. Traditionally, feedback collection of products released in the market was hard to obtain owing to the nature of information sharing systems. The company must develop a social communication network between consumers to market and develop new ideas and services. The success of the company in communication with consumers helps to develop loyalty. Ethical implication of the proposed models actions Stakeholder involvement in the actions to be undertaken by the company will be based on the financial implication of the approach. Stakeholders worry about wealth creation and losses which may be passed over to them. Ethical issues involving stakeholders may not be resolved easily because they are not involved in business operations.

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