Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Framework for the Management of Oil Spillage Risks in Oil Dissertation

A Framework for the Management of Oil Spillage Risks in Oil Exploration Programmes - Dissertation Example A researcher needs to understand the various assumptions underlying the different techniques and must have an idea to differentiate procedures as per the problem in the research study. Thus, choice of research methods based on the research problem forms a significant part of research methodology. The experimentation done to test hypothesis and discover new relationships must be based on a scientific method. The results drawn are then criticized. So a researcher must pay proper attention while developing the design of the research work and at the end must state probable inferences as a part of the study undertaken. The basic postulates on which the scientific method to be used is based on are- †¢ The method relies on empirical evidence. †¢ The method utilizes relevant concepts †¢ The study is committed to objective consideration only. †¢ The method of study aims at making adequate and correct statements about the population objects. †¢ The methods results into probabilistic predictions. †¢ The method is concerned for critical scrutiny for testing the conclusions derived. †¢ The method aims at formulating the general axioms or the scientific theories. Research Methodology can be conducted on the basis of three types of research format, such as, exploratory research, descriptive research and casual research. Introduction about Angola While discussing about research methodology, it is utterly relevant to state that the entire process was conducted using primary research. For the purpose of conducting the primary research, the researcher had to make a physical visit the location of Angola. For the purpose of better understanding of the criticality and relevant importance of the research methodology of the project, considerable amount of information about the nation of Angola and its various economic activities has to be discussed. Brief Overview: While giving a brief overview of Angola, it has to be mentioned that the country is lo cated in the South African west coast. The nation is comprised of around 18 provinces and the capital of Angola is Luanda. The nation is bordered by the South Atlantic Ocean for a coast area of around 1,650 km ( -1, n.d.). Talking about the geographical expanse of the region, the total size of the region is around twice the size of Texas. Discussing about the population strength of the nation, it has to be highlighted that as of the year 2013, the population count stood at over 18, 500,000. It is to be noted that the amount of population in the year 2011 in the urban areas of the nation comprised of around over 59% of the entire population (, 2013). The nation of Angola has a bitter political history, which comprised mostly of the 27 year old civil war. The civil war of the nation drew to a close around the year 2002. As of the current times, the nation is ruled by the multiparty presidential regime. The current government of the nation is Republic in nature (Cia.go v, 2013). While talking about the nation, it is crucially important to focus on the economy of the nation. The main driving factor of the economy of this nation is oil. The oil sector comprises of around 90% of the total of the country’s exports. With the gaining of independence in the year 1975, the

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