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Independent Variable Dependent Variable Marketing Essay

Independent Variable Dependent Variable Marketing Essay The idea of business is an organized strategy to earn money. This idea forced the businesses for taking the important actions to improve not only the product qualities but also its packaging because packaging has a greater impact on purchase decision. It is the initial stage to experience whether this fulfill customers need perfectly as the product looks. Throughout Pakistan a lot of diary can be found together with unique brand names along with top quality such as Nestle, Olpers, Haleeb.Even though dairy products industry is very aggressive however there is positive change connected with packaging for the manufacturer inclination. Packaging attracts the consumers concentration to buy particular brand and increase brand image and influence towards consumers(Rundh,2005).Packaging characteristics can be evaluate in terms of 4 variables i.e. Size,shape,safety,package and ingredients detail attractiveness in context (Silayoi Speece,2004).This research paper evaluate five variable of packaging characteristics i.e. size of package, safety of product, shape of package, display of ingredients on package and package attractiveness. Packaging characteristics shows large influence on the consumer in brand preference. Consumer frequently assumes that if packaging characteristics are viable it shows that brand is of high quality and helps in decision making of consumer (Ampuero, O., Vila, N. 2006) Packaging characteristics creates uniqueness in brand (Silayoi Speece,2004) Packaging plays a vital role buying decision of packaged milk buyers. It is also positively associated with brand loyalty (Subhani, M.I., Osman, A.2011).This research paper finds that how packaging characteristics effects consumer brands preference in case of milk brands. Literature Review Appearance capabilities, pairing colorings, styles, shape, designs, along with announcements involving Foods, offer folks brand associate by way of example inside a departmental retail store many refreshments are usually held within exact same place yet client involving distinct brand can potentially separate his / her selection as a consequence of big difference involving color, dimension along with unambiguous shape (Nancarrow et al., 1998) Product Packaging is usually a application to create excellent partnership between Stores along with Meal Makers due to the fact each perform more tightly to build products designed for latest life styles, based on the latest technology. Some sort of Store, acquiring primary web page link having end users, can easily become very well aware about this belief associated with people. On the other hand manufacturers transform appearance type along with item top quality on the basis of information given by retailers. It has generated a good exploding market interested in able to try to eat foods, a niche through which appearance can be playing an increasingly essential role. (Vidales Giovannetti, 1995) Presently people have grown a lot more informed about the product packaging offered to all of them through products. The part involving product packaging provides modified in recent times given that mainly as a result of changing life-style and desires on the people. Corporations include commenced take enhancements throughout product packaging given that their own philosophy in recent times include modified which beneficial and special product packaging may stimulate client buying behaviors. The item is just about the method to obtain customers interest toward offerings, enhances the image on the manufacturer and enhances the perceptions on the client for your solution (Rundh, 2005) Product packaging attracts a persons vision of the buyers for any unique model. With advertising and marketing situation appearance represents a very crucial part inside speaking the goods towards buyers along with eventually raises consumers purchase options (Rita Kuvykaite, 2009)Â   Statement of the problem To determine the effect of packaging characteristics on consumer brand preference in packaged milk brands. Theoretical framework Packaging characteristics Consumer Brand Preference Independent variable Dependent Variable Operational definition Packaging characterisitics: It is measured on the questions of questionnaire on the following dimensions Size of Package Shape of Package Safety of Product Display of ingredients on Package Package attractiveness Consumer brand preference: It is measured in terms of level of agreement and disagreement to buy a product. Measured on 5 point Likert Scale Research Objectives To find out the effect of Packaging Characteristics on Consumer Brand Preference of packaged milk brands in Pakistan .checking the relation of Consumer Brand Preference with the following characteristics of packaging Size of Package Shape of Package Safety of Product Package Attractiveness Hypothesis H1: packaging characteristics are positively associated with consumer brand preference of package milk H1a: size of package is positively associated with consumer brand preference of packaged milk H1b: shape is positively associated with effects consumer brand preference of packaged milk H1c: safety of packaging is positively associated with consumer brand preference of packaged milk H1d: Package attractiveness is positively associated with consumer brand preference of packaged milk H1e: Display of ingredients is positively associated with consumer brand preference of packaged milk Research design The research design for this study will be quantitative research strategy during which questionnaires are going to be undertaken when data will be collected. The questionnaires will be self administered and the respondents will be the buyers at general stores. Population and sample Population will be the buyers at the general stores in saddar, hayatabad and town of Peshawar. And for sampling about 300 questionnaires will be distributed through simple random sampling in different grocery stores at saddar, hayatabad and town of Peshawar. Instruments In this research paper questionnaire is packaging characteristics based secondly it is based on comparison of different brands of diary product that how packaging effect the consumer purchase decision and thirdly it is based on the agreement and disagreement level of consumer brand selection with respect to the characteristics of packaging .Questionnaire will be closed ended and the answers will be recorded in the Likert five point scales. Data Collection In this research data will be collected through questionnaire for analysis. The data will be collected through personal survey at different stores of sadder, hayatabad and town of Peshawar by filling the questionnaire. Data Analysis In this research paper data will be analyze by using Pearson Correlation to find the relation between packaging characteristics and consumer brand preference and for the interpretation of the data SPSS 16 will used.

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