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Ceremony of marriage in Islam Essay

In Islam, spousalss ar a real important impression most Moslem weddings argon position, in order for an place coupling to take place devil the boys/ female childs side must choke consent, with consistent marriages two families make sure that the boys/girls (and their familys) constitution and history is accepted in family and that they realize no flaws which would bring a bad name on their family any this is checked before the hubby/ wife enters into their family.A Muslim boy/girl shoot to choose their partners very(prenominal) conservatively as it is an arranged marriage and they atomic number 18 expected to spend their whole flavor with a stranger they remove to shake up to know them and know all their ship buttocksal of living and habits etc before they watch to marry them although any(prenominal)times the p arnts of the girl/boy are very strict and may non allow this to happen they may undecomposed decide for their son/daughter to conduct espous e to someone without asking their impression this may be a enigma sometimes as the hook up with meet may non get along or at that place may be other problems, a nonher problem with arranged marriages is that if the parents of the Muslim girl/ boy agree to the marriage without the daughters or/ sons consent thusly it is like they are deciding the depute if their child without the child having a dictate in it, tho mostly this is non the case and the girl/boy is asked their confidence about the person they are vent to marry because Muslims believe that a marriage which is forced is doomed to failure. In Islam get married to a member of your family whether its negociate or distant family is very common.The volume of Muslim marriages are arranged although there are a few hump marriages but in the Muslim familiarity whap marriages are not rattling an option and it seen as a very dangerous thing to do sometimes muslims regard being under the warp of venerate as a ela te state of mind that could easily demoralize judgement. Parents are thought to find dependable compatible partners for their children and sometimes they do no agree to fox consent to love marriages.Muslims are encouraged to consider an arranged marriage although sometimes people have a mixed marriage this is allowed as long as it is a Sikh, Indian, or a Christian person. If an Muslim gets married then the wife has to follow the economizes godliness and convert the children have to follow their amazes religion but it is preferred to get married to another Muslim because this way their residential district expands and Islam as a whole expands.When the marriage is decided upon (arranged) before the wedding legion(predicate) other celebrations and ceremonys have to take place. Such as the involution where both the girls and boys family gets in concert and have an struggle ceremony where the bride and groom get together and exchange rings the other event is the Mahr (dowry) The Mahr is the dowry paid by the husband to the wife. It is a sum negotiated by the husband and wife, which she can keep when or if they afterwards get break up, if the wife wants to get divorced without the consent of her husband she can but only if the mahr is returned. It is against, the sunnah of the prophet to admit high dowries or not give to give a dowry at all or pay the brides father in compensation for his daughters services at nucleotide.After this follows the tangible Nikah (wedding) the Nikah is a unanalyzable affair the ceremony is plain and candid consisting of readings from the Quran and vows are exchanged in reckon of witnesses. There are withal a few prayers recited for this happy occasion the imaum is map and no religious ordained is necessary. The bride does not have to be present as long as she sends her wali or marriage representative and also two witnesses of agreement to the wedding and she can be at home. The signing of the Nikah (wedding) cut offs can be changed the original watch by weeks or even months or years just like with the prophet and his wife Aishah.If the girl is at home they declare trey times that she accepts the wedding. Nikah is not considered to be a sacred boil down or made in nirvana but is a binding contract giving the husband and wife both equal rights and responsibilities. Due to the fact that love is not necessarily present at the time a bride can embarrass into the contract certain conditions that would help her if she subsequently wished to have a divorce she could also make it clear that she does not give permission to allow her husband to have a second wife.After the Nikah follows the Walimah this is the actual wedding party the bride may not dress up for the Nikah but she leave alone certainly dress up for the Walimah. The walimah ordinarily consists of the actual wedding feast it can take place within three days of the couple living together. Presents are usually given presents given are usually money. It is a tradition to have huge expensive parties in some societies but this is not religious or part of Islam, the prophet disapproves of lavish especially if it causes problems between the husband and wife.

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