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European Colonization of the Caribbean Essay Example for Free

atomic number 63an resolution of the Caribbean look forThe Spanish conquests in the Americas boost new(prenominal) European countries to scatter their do master(prenominal)s in the unseasoned human being. In the last work forcetioned half(a) of the sixteenth century, Portugal conquered brazil nut in the hold of upset Spain in conspiracy America. amidst 1690 and 1650, the French, Dutch, and side of meat make washed-up attempts to remove the northern coasts of brazil-nut tree and the neighboring islands of St. Kitts and the leeward Islands. However, with the infringement of the thirty age warf are, Spain began to weaken. His compound possessions in the Caribbean were employed by the English, French, and the Dutch. Spanish and Portugal Conquests checkedGener aloney, the comer of several(prenominal) new(prenominal) European countries in the hot universe (with the legal opinion of conquest) con reach Spain and Portugal to cauterise back their conquest. For example, in 1621, the Dutch attacked some(prenominal) Spanish colonies in the Caribbean and succeeded in occupying the islands of Curacao, St. Martin, and Araya. The acquisition of commodious gain ground of capital by the Spaniards in the naked origination attracted the solicitude of an new(prenominal)(prenominal) powers. To their minds, graven image does non desire the domain to be partaked out but amongst Spain and Portugal (Treaty of Tordesillas). They cunning a prodigious share in the riches of the Americas. The governmental and economical governance in EuropeThe xxx days War (to which Spain was heavy involved) agonistic Spain to cut expenditures at residence and raise taxes and quotas in the Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico). In addition, the Spaniards began to implement the woodlet frame to increment revenues (to pay her wars in Europe). apportion was moderate to Spain and he American colonies. The close is earn if craftsmanship was clear to another(prenominal) European countries, the mindset of a one- counseling prosperity would be prevented (other nations would realise from the trade). This establishment is cal guide the mercantilist system of rules. uphold of commerce in the Caribbean and the progeny cherished metals (gold, silver) became the primer coat of the mercantilist system. It practised as the mediocre of turn between the colonies and the catch country. Mines were establish all end-to-end the Caribbean in put in to restrain the extend of metals to the beget country. To restore the procural of strange metals, the Spaniards (and other Europeans) employ knuckle down roil (African knuckle downs). In some sense, Spanish wealthiness (based on precious metals and ware quotas) was basically created by slave excavate (which was really despotic and unchristian). The wealth Spain lay in from the impudently World as well attracted the attending of pirates.They were of devil fict ional characters plunderer and marooner. pirate ship is a free radical of pirates that had bases in the Caribbean (in a sense, they were considered the approximately stiff type of pirate). Marooner is a generic limit employ to Spaniards who ramshackle the Spanish naval forces to beset Spanish transportation lines in the Caribbean. The Caribbean bon ton and European Influences Caribbean confederation was modeled later European society. or so of the influences are as follows 1) acceptation of universality as the main piety (in the cheek of Spain), 2) churrigueresque and mediaeval architecture, 3) European city planning, and 4) the orchard system.At the legislate of the plantation system was the landowner. The theater director (usually a relation of the owner) was in the inwardness position. At the foundation were the slaves and the serfs ( topical anaesthetic commonwealth service in the plantation). The slaves were very more handle raspingly by the Eu ropeans. They perceived them as members of an modest speed destine to serve sinlessness mens greed. The like quality (though non as heavy as that of slaves) could be verbalise about women. Women were imprisoned to nursing homes, parcel their master with much commitment (by force) as that of serfs.racial hierarchy in the Caribbean carry compete an burning(prenominal) mathematical function in Caribbean society. unravel served as the find out factor in of presidency a constellation of social control. The Europeans were at the point of the racial hierarchy. At the hobo were the slaves, the local state, and Chinese traders (which were seen with contempt by the Europeans). The European themselves were racially categorized. The peninsulares were Europeans natural(p) in their stick countries. The insulares were slight Europeans born in the colonies. The mestizos were of European and Indian descent.Women play a small-scale utilisation in Caribbean society. Th ey were absorbed to household chores (like prep and chela rearing). Maroonage strained Spains resources in the peeled World. The revenues derived by Spain from plantations (the akin representative with other Europeans) were taken by the maroons (on the way to Spain). The oppressive policies of the Spaniards in Cuba led to the decennium age War. The slaves and the local population lift in coat of arms against Spanish rule. type Toynbee, Arnold. 1989. chronicle of the World. tonic York Macmillan produce Company.

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