Thursday, February 20, 2020

Managing Organisational Change Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Managing Organisational Change - Case Study Example In 1994 it experienced a tough competition from one of its strong competitor Airbus which booked more number of orders in the market. Since World War II there were only slight changes in the system of the organization and there were outdated technologies that were used for the business operations which gave scope to the other players in the market to capture the market share of Boeing. In 1997 there was a surplus demand in the market which was the major factor that enabled the company to adopt efficient measures in the production system so as to meet the market demand. The company lacked the communication flow and even the operated on the principle of ‘win at all costs’ which resulted into major crisis for the company where it had to halt its production for 20 days of 747 aircrafts (Bunker and Alban, 2006, pp. 53-54). There was a lot of manufacturing difficulties that appeared across the business operations of Boeing which initiated the company to incorporate some change s to increase efficiency of the operations and also remain focused on cost and production. The change drivers was mainly fluctuations in the revenue that occurred every year because of the demand cycle of Boeing’s products and the company needed more of stability in the business environment. The main reason for adapting various new technologies in the system and even lean manufacturing was to counter the demand of the market so that they are able to take mote contracts before their competitors captures the opportunity. The competition was fierce and the market demand was more efficient products delivered at the least possible time this made Boeing to take initiatives in order to restructure its entire manufacturing process. The company when recognized that the traditional commercial airline industry was highly saturated it changed its strategy

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